hey i was wondering, what is the best string gauge for Drop C and Standard tuning.Right now i have .50's on my bass and it works fine for Drop C but it makes the strings incredibly much more difficult to play in standard, and it also bows the neck a lot.
There seems to me to be a large difference between strings for drop C, and standard. It's generally understood that heavy gauge strings work for drop C [Heavies, or some mediums] Standard is like, mediums or lights. So you'll have to find a combanation. I would try mediums on your top 3, and a heavy for your 4th string to keep your neck from bowing.
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There isn't really a good answer for this.
Either you don't tune to both on the sme bass (best idea imo), you do a full set-up every time you switch between them (time consuming) or you will always have some neck bow/action/intonation problems when you switch beetween.
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