To anyone who reads this. My name is Greg Albert. I am the guitarist in a Jamestown band, Eye of Atlantis. My band was the band the band that revived the music scene in Jamestown. We pull 250+ kids to local shows. Before us show pulls were maybe no more then 75.

Anyways, EOA has gone down the shitter lately and I want to experiment with some new stuff. I have began writing a lot of shit using Guitar Pro. All of which is coming out very professional sounding and VERY heavy. I need some people to back it with me from around the area and it would be nice to collaborate with some really good musicians.

I have somewhat steep standards as far as what I need but I am hoping some people here will fit those requirements.

First, obviously I need talent. I am writing some pretty technical material on all instruments. I need people who can play what I need them to. I dont write impossible shit, but it can be pretty hard at times.

Second, stage presence. I need a good stage presence for this band. The goal with being in a heavy band isnt just to play heavy music. We need a brutal stage presence as well. (i.e. Ball-drop headbangs, two-stepping, bouncing, etc.) I am out to entertain those who come out to shows and the impact of a good stage presence helps people get into your music more.

Third, good equipment. I can't deal with combo amps. I am trying to take this to a professional level, and it is hard to be taken seriously with a combo amp. Grab yourself a nice head and cab, if you are interested and dont have one.

Fourth, I need people that I can get along with. I am easy as **** to get along with. But if your not, get the **** out of here.

Fifth, no Tripp pants, no "axe" guitars.

Sixth, be prepared for a lot of work. I am planning on writing and working with most of the music digitally(Guitar Pro), that way there wont have to be a twice a week haul for awhile until everyone learns there shit.

Seven, I have a lot of influence for my work, and if this clash of bands doesnt interest you it might not work out. ABACABB, For THe Fallen Dreams, August Burns Red, Architects, Monsters, My Children My Bride, Cholera, and Within The Ruins.

For, more info and samples of the stuff I am writing message me on here. I am leaving one on here.