Hey fellow UG members. its almost summer and my final speech for my public speaking class is due soon. I have a text analysis speech and i have chosen The Beatles album Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Band as my topic. I was wondering if anyone here is a beatlemania fan and knows full on details about this album.
What im looking for is what this album is about. Most people say its a concept album. Why? i know theres themes of childhood and whatnot but is that all? is there a story in there somewhere? and was there anything john/paul intended to be said within the lyrics? and with that being said, how did the rest of the world respond to the lyrics. i know it became one of the greatest albums ever made as told by mostly everyone but what was the cultural impact?

im sorry if all my questions sound stupid but im a noob beatles fan only knowing very few songs about them and i chose them as my topic to hopefully learn more about them

and i appreciate any responses. thank you :]
There wasn't really a message behind the album.

They had been on tour for ages and it was getting to be too much, so they settled down for a bit to make an album. Paul had the idea of making a concept album ostensibly performed by a fictional band - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The idea was that they'd be able to play differently under that alias. They had made a load of innovations in the recording of Revolver with Geoff Emerick as engineer, so they got him to do it again and get some new sounds. They didn't want anything - guitars, vocals, drums, bass etc - to sound as it normally did; every part was altered via EQ, reverb etc.

A lot of the time people would glean meaning from Beatles lyrics that weren't intended to be there: there's a story of Lennon hearing that a teacher at his old school was analysing Beatles lyrics in class, so John put a verse of nonsense in I Am The Walrus (which isn't exactly normal anyway).

Though whole tomes have been written analysing their music anyway, so if you search for it you'll probably find something.
Essentially, at the time, they had stopped touring and took on an "alter-ego" as the Lonely Hearts Club Band. The album was revolutionary in terms of production and vision.

I learned so much from the Beatles Anthology, must read for a Beatles fan.
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