wow, pretty good. you sound like bob dylan, except better! =)
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DUDE! Let me just say that you have a brilliant voice. You're top class talent dude, no joke. Your songwriting is great stuff, so great! I have to say my favorite song is "My Bluebird". Quite brilliant, if you ever planned to get far, you have a chance now don't throw it away.

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You seem to have found your style. Hit it big dude, really like your stuff.
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It sounds good, you've done well here. I'm sending you a friend request
Hey wow, glad all you guys like, tell your friends :P! Just need ideas on what to actually do with the recordings now?
You're onto something here; all of the songs were very enjoyable to listen to. I especially liked "Talkin' Recession Blues", as you just don't hear stuff like that these days. It's always a pleasure to listen to good, honest music, and you can tell alot of love and joy went into the recordings. I wish you well, as I'm going to go listen again!

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Thanks 4 the crit. I'm typing as I listening

You Don't know me - Loved it, catchy, Well played, love the vocal style and tone, the guitar sounded great.

Only time will tell - Cool little finger picking song with good emotion in the voice. Liked the lyrics too.

Talkin' Recession Blues - Bob Dylan 2010 with a slice of Irish humour. Great song dude. lol

My Blue Bird - Nearly fell asleep to this but not from boredom it's just relaxing and I’m hung over lol.

A song from when your gone - Love the folky jumping chords, Short and catchy.

An Insomniacs dream - Like the panning work in the beginning but it does get annoying after a while, the treble is set high but sounds good. Love the song though

I'm Sick of singing love songs - Vocals are great again, the guitar could be a little higher in the mix. Cool vibe to this tune.

You should get these recorded with better production, Not that the production is bad but to give them justice a few tweaks wouldn't hurt.
Overall I would be proud if I produced a set of songs like these. You Don't Know Me is my fav. Good Job dude It was a great listen.
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