Can I use my 1960a Marshall Cab in stereo mode, with two amplifier heads, so that one amplifier is coming out of one side, and the other amplifier plays through the other side, is this possible or well I damage my equipment?
yes, im currently running my Harley benton G212V with two heads ..

youll need an ABY to run them at the same time ive been recommended this by a couple of guys http://www.tonebone.com/re-bigshot-aby.htm

i havent got the ABY yet, its on order, but ive been assured it will work

kakedit: the ABY goes between the guitar signal/ pedals and the two inputs of the heads

whatr heads are you trying to run in stereo?

Kakedit2: the only thing that may go wrong is if the wattage exceeds the speakers output or if theres a phasing problem, but the phasing problem can be fixed by the Bigshot
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Thanks for the quick reply, I don't need to run them at the same time, it's just that it will save me time unplugging them, when I want to swap them.
The ABY won't do what the OP is describing...

I don't know specifically about the 1960A but if you have two 1/4" mono jacks o the back of the cab it's easy enough to wire it such that each side is its own independent circuit... wouldn't take more than a few minutes.
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The ABY won't do what the OP is describing...

Yes... It will. The cab is stereo, so its already wired to use two heads, provided the impedances match. (TS, that part is very important.) What the A/B/Y will do is allow him to switch between the two heads, or stereo of both, on the fly.
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