Why is it that 99% of the people here are homosexual? I mean, I'm no bigot, but you fags are suffocating the internet with your child loving.
As a bisexual i take offence. *reported* mr troll. Bye bye.
¡sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ uɐɔ suɐılɐɹʇsnɐ ʎluo

E-married to danny the fish

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That's a purdy mouth you got there, zelestros. Why don't we make good use of that in other ways...
Best guide on writing power metal lyrics
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keep it fast, keep it epic, and for god sake mention dragons.

There really isn't that many of in here.
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The grandmother is having a baby with her grandson, so the grandson will be his own fathers father, the baby will be his own grandfather, and grandson, and the grandmother will be the mother, and great grandmother?

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"Where's the farmer's wife?"
"He doesn't have a wife, he's gay."
"Well he shouldn't be allowed near animals then."


EDIT: actually I cba reporting, other people already have.
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child loving.

Since when are gays known for child loving?
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Nothing is more arousing for girls than a man who claims that he doesn't have worms - and can prove it with conclusive evidence.

White are
All I see
In my infancy
Red and yellow then came to be
Reaching out to me.
Lets me see.