I was just busy finishing my latest deathcore song on GuitarPro.
And I was on my way to make this true on Reason4.
Only got one prob, The only guitarpatch i've got so far to work is an modified version of the Heavygtr patch. (This really sounds bloody aweful)

Has anyone got a clue how to get the perfect Deathcoreguitar sound on Reason 4?

I've tried downloading an Antress Amplifier Pack. Which contains several useful Amps, for example the Modern Deathcore amplifier. Which would really proof handy (if usable). Anyone got an idea how to add that too? The amps are files with .dll extensions.

If anyone knows something feel free to comment!
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No VSTs in Reason.

yer out of luck on that front.

you should really consider using a real DAW like Reaper or Logic.

yeah Bud - Reason's for PEEANEE Players not Guitar Players
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Does this guy play guitar?
From the looks of it, he's a programmer not a player, inwhich Reason might come in hella handy.

Anyways, what you need is a DAW that supports VST, and then you need to REWIRE Reason INTO these programs. Then you'll have VST Support and all the reason software. Just find a DAW around that you like, and then look up on youtube or something how to rewire.
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@ Sami Philadelph

I've downloaded the VST amps. And looked up the guide. In which says I have to download a DAW for these VST's. So I downloaded Reaper and managed to open all of my .dll amps in there. Is there any way I could ReWire Reason into Reaper to optimize my guitarsound in Reason?.
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Why would they make a DAW that doesn't load VSTs?

well, you can't even use audio, just MIDI =)
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