I've recently acquired a chinese warlock clone that ws damaged in transit and has large cracks running down the outside of the pickups. It could just be the paint, but i think the wood has cracked too.
I was planning on cutting the whole section out and putting in a set neck.
Im toying with the idea of hollowing one of the wings, but havent ever built a hollow body.
Any thoughts?

I assume I wont be able to refit humbuckers, i understand hollowbodies are prone to feedback. Although i could possibly come up with an onboard filter.
many people have used humbuckers with semi-hollow guitars. just look at the gibson es-335! It's semi-hollow and loads of people use them. You just don't want to play with too much gain.
Oh yeah, i knew that. I was clearly being a retard.
Although posting the pictures made me realise how little body there actually is to hollow.
Only way is to try i guess
That thing looks more like my Virgo than a Warlock. o.O

Anyways, with those huge cracks, you might have to add a whole new middle part for it to keep together very firmly, so you might as well think of making a neck through guitar out of it as well. Just an idea of mine, though, a set neck or bolt on should be possible still.
You might want to break off the sides and glue them on tightly to make the cracks "whole" again. Glue=stronger than wood. Glue=worse transfer of the strings' vibrations.
I see what you mean, its somewhere between a virgo and warlock isnt it.
Its good quality for a copy though, nice wood and a good sound.
I have 2 more of these, but theyre physically sound, just need refinishing. Ive also got an actual warlock with a nicely crushed side.

A thru neck was the plan though, to replace the whole middle section and the routings
If you did hollow it out you wouldnt be able to use the Floyd
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Quote by TomG10-7
If you did hollow it out you wouldnt be able to use the Floyd

That purely depends on how he hollows it out. I've seen a guy that built a floyd into a classical acoustic guitar too. It looks weird and sounds awesome.
Do I see some plys?
1st picture humbucker route right.
If It's plywood, cut your losses, and don't do anything like neckthrough, there'd not be very much point to it. Plywood would make the sustain perhaps be normal when paired with a nech-through. My theory anyways.
..I was watching my death.
Nope, its basswood.
I was planning on using a tuneomatic I've got lying round.
Not sure what to do in the way of pickups though
More like an ESP AX honestly.

Anyway, if its basswood, then a TOM is a better option than a floyd. But a hardtail might be even better.

You might just wanna plane it down by a 1/4 inch or so, hollowing it out and making a nice top for it.
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I was going to say, i was looking round this afternoon and came across the esp ax. Cant say id ever seen one before, well not to memory anyway. Surprising as i have a friend who works for esp.
They were sold as warlocks and i hadnt thought about it beyond what paint job to do.

Something like this maybe
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