So I took apart my old, shitty Ibanez G10 and decided to repaint/rebuild it. So far, I've painted it all turquoise blue, and then I added a black sunburst to it. I'll fix up/even out the sunburst. The back is still blue. I need suggestions for finishing up my first build.

1) For the back, should I paint the whole thing black, or do the sunburst as well? I kind of think that would look cool if it was double-sided like that. Or do you have any other suggestions? DONE

2) What type of lacquer should I use for the finish? I saw at Michael's (local arts/crafts store) two different clear wood lacquers. One was for a "glossy" finish, and one was for a "matte" finish. What is the difference? If you have examples feel free to post pics of each.

3) What pickups would you guys suggest. I don't want to spend a ton of money on the electronics, but I do want it to sound OK. I mostly want rich cleans, and a high output for leads/solos.

Thanks for any help.

EDIT: I went with the double sunburst. Thanks for your help robertito696

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1) I'd do double sunburst, never seen that before.

2)Gloss is shiny, matte is flat. Most people go gloss but matte on black is also very common.

3) Guitar Fetish sells some nice pups for cheap, ~$30 a pup. Never used them so I can't comment though.

EDIT: Looks good, the burst on the back was a good call. It looks a bit rough on some of the edges but it might just be the pic. Good luck with the rest of your build.
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I love a good gloss. I use a rub on polyurethane that has a high glass and it works great. The only thing is that it will change the colour of the guitar a bit, but since I've never tried it on a blue finish before, I can't say for sure how yours will turn out. The wipe on polly is super easy, just use a cheese cloth and put on a few light coats.

As for pickups, just head to ebay. I get most my pickups from there, and they are cheep enough for any budget, and will get your guitar up and running quickly. Down the road, if you want better pups, spend the money and get really good ones.

just my two cents.

*the paint looks great btw, good job*