Eveningg all!

Well i've been playing for almost 11 years now , love both electric guitar and acoustic guitar, however i really need to buy a better acoustic, generally for love of playing the instrument but also for live possibilities.

Therefore i'm looking for an Electric Acousticcc..

I live in UK so US only brands no good,

errmm £400 - £500 english pounds?? is the budget

Would love to hear your advise as i'm suffering
The Lag guitars are good and so are the /fairclough ones. I'd also look at the Wahburns and the Takamine guitars. You can find some really nice ones for that price. The best thing is to just go and try a load.
Well, in that price range, Yamaha is still one of the more popular brands. Usually you can find a solid-top guitar from them in that range. You should also be able to find a solid-top Alvarez for that price.

Also, don't rule out the possibility of forgetting the electronics built in, and getting a better guitar in general. You could always get a soundhole pick up to start, and then have electronics installed at a later date. Its what I did to an old Alvarez, and intend to do again to my current Guild (which is also another good brand, but I'm not sure what their average acoustic goes for these days).
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it's not just that yamaha has a better reputation - they're good quality guitars that deliver good features for the money, and they do have a couple acoustic electrics in that price range.