Hey guys, I'm having this really weird problem. My electric guitar seems to be working fine with my amp (when I run it straight to the amp it works like a charm) , but not with my pedal. When I plug the guitar cable into my guitar half way, I get a signal, but when I plug it all the way in the signal drops.

The weird thing is, my acoustic electric works just fine running from the pedal to the amp.

Im using just 1 pedal, a russian big muff, and my amp, I put a fresh battery in 5 minutes ago just to be sure it wasn't the problem. This bizzare. Why would my amp work with one guitar and not another?

any help would be appreciated.

I feel like maybe something is grounding the signal but maybe not i dont know much about that stuff.
Your guitar's input might just not be making a connection when it's all the way in. Take off the cover plate on the back that houses the electronics, check it out. Plug in your chord, and see if it's correctly in place.

Other then that, it might a little bit too technical for me. I don't know much about technical stuff of guitars, either..