i've been putting off upgrading the pickups in my stock gibson les paul special for awhile, but i finally have the money and i'm gonna break down and put some decent pickups in it.

so for starters i have around $100 per pickup (maybe a bit more but i want to keep it close to that) and im gonna be using this guitar for mostly punk and hard rock (GnR, ACDC, some early ozzy and black sabbath, and a bit of paramore and BMFV)

it wouldnt hurt to be able to do some lighter stuff as well, but its not as important to me as i have my strat for the lighter stuff.

and im using any amps right now (besides a little pignose i just hook into to jam every now and then) im mostly using a Boss Mircro BR recorder.
i would prefer passive pickups, i dont want to go through the hassle of routing out and changing the wiring for actives