First time I've posted here, not sure how this will come across without music but sure why not! Hope you guys like!

I can't sleep and morning is so far away
Its getting darker but it all seems as clear as day,
And its raining its raining its raining outside my window sill,
But there's music in my ears I'm in South Africa I cannot tell,

I'm walking my window, I'm walking anywhere I wana walk,
But I can't find you so to myself I talk.
And now how can I sleep when my dreams are drifting off?
How can I sleep if I fall asleep I'll just get lost,

An insomniac's dream is just to sleep,
An insomniac's dream is just to sleep,
But you don't know how that feels,
Cause you're asleep

And how long, how long, how long should I pretend I'm me,
Look in the mirror and a mirror man is all I see,
And he's a bedroom Bach and a back room Beethoven,
And he can't smile till his mind is open

When I leave here, will it help me at all?
The ghost that arnt here might be there after all,
So I just sit here, listening to this world spin,
I get lost, can't remember when I picked up this pen

And the whispers and willows are all headed west,
I'd something to say but know i've said it and I forget.

Actually you can listen to it here: http://www.myspace.com/kevinmajmusic if you want!

Thanks, any constructive criticism would be great
hmm...looks good but im not sure how to read it...what type of music is it?

EDIT: Nevermind..lol sounds real good
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