I'm looking into getting the Ibanez S420 and have some quick questions about the pickups. First of all, here's a link to the guitar:


It has Inifinity 1 and Infinity 2 pickups. I've heard that these are good for metal, ok for cleans, but can be kinda muddy and loud. Is that correct? Also, I assume these are passive pickups, is that correct? If I were to change pickups on these at some point would that mean that I could only get passives? So I wouldn't be able to put an EMG 81 and 85 in it?

Hey, I have an S620 which came with infinity 1 and 2 pickups. They are both passive, but as with any guitar you van have actives installed instead. I found that the bridge pickup was a bit too weak for my liking, so had a Seymour Duncan JB installed instead, which gives it a bit more grunt and sounds great. The neck infinity pickup wasn't so bad, I actually quite liked the tone of it but it's not as nice as the SD jazz I put in to replace it. I recommend that if you get the guitar, don't swap them out straight away, play with them for a couple of months until you're 100% sure that you want to put EMGs in. Often your amp or pedals will affect the sound just as much as changing the pickups would anyway. (plus EMGs aren't that spectacular anyway IMO so take your time.)
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