How do you play a root 6 minor 7 chord and a root 6 dominant 7 chord?
Amin7 A7

Should I be be barring these and muting the dead strings? That is what I'm doing and I was just wondering if it is "bad form" or something.
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You would bar the upper strings with your index and use your thumb to fret the low E. I don't think it matters which finger mutes the string. Whatever's comfortable.
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Thanks! Don't make fun of me, but I forgot about my thumb...
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Barre the higher strings with your ring finger and fret the low note with with your middle finger.

For the second one, do the same but get the major third with your pinky. Or you can leave out the highest note and fret it like this, [1x243x] (those numbers are the fingers you use).

That's how I do it.
You can also bar the top 4 with the index, and reach over the A string with your middle finger to the low E...if you live in the classical world where the thumb isn't used for fretting.
You could fret the top four strings normally and get a friend to fret the low string.
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you could play then all one string up so it would just be open. Except for the B string you would have the first or second fret down, depending on the chords.