Hey guys,
Im looking at a used Ibanez Destroyer. The guy gave me the serial number and some pictures and all that good stuff. Now, my only concern is the actual model. Punching the serial number in gave me this:

Your guitar was made at the
Terada Plant, Japan
Production Number: 43709
Your guitar was made at the
Terada Plant, Japan
Production Number: 3709

But that stuff doesnt give me an exact model.
Can anybody help me out? Hopefully these pictures work.

If that guitar in the photos is the one you are considering, it is a lower-end version of the Ibanez Destroyer. The original Destroyer was a pricey guitar with a set neck (or perhaps neck-through; I don't remember); three DiMarzio humbuckers; body binding and fancy fretboard inlays. They were fine guitars and were used by a number of people in the 1980s.

The guitar in the photo is a budget-line bolt-neck guitar with a very 80's MTV-like finish. I think you can do better. The Destroyer has been reissued in its near-original form. It isn't cheap, but it is a good guitar.
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I'd pick that up if the price was right. The finish is bitchin...
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I can tell you it's not an 84, I have an 84 Dt 155 and that one is no where near it

best bet would be the 88

they're good guitars, but trying to reach the higher frets 20 - 22 can be a real pain in the ass
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