Okay, I've been playing about two years, I can play relatively fast guitar solos like Iron Maidens, Aces High, Flight of Icarus, Powerslave and several others with solo's like that, but like Flight of Icarus, I can play it, but it's really pushing it, so what I'm asking is a link to a lesson on this site or somewhere else useful that I may find some more advanced exercises to build that little bit of speed that I still need to get. Any opinions are greatly appreciated!

EDIT: I forgot to mention, if you have ones that require alot of finger independence, that would be great too, I like a challenge.
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I don't know about many exercises that can help, I've always just played the song / solo over and over again till I can do it full speed. Depending on the difficulty of the song, it could take me a few months to finally get it full speed.