My amp...to put it mildly...sucks. Can't hold any tone for more than 30 seconds. Any time i try to use some distortion the sound, literally, gives out and is reduced to a dull hum of feedback. And yes, before you ask, it's a Line 6 (I was young and stupid)

Hopefully I'll be able to land a summer job this summer and be able to replace this with something not only of a better quality but of a bigger scale (I'm thinking of upgrading from a combo to a half stack).

Here's the Hlaf-Stack I've had my eye on

B-52 LS100 Amp Head and LS412 Cabinet

What do you guys here at UG think? I have yet to play through one as the nearest dealer is Guitar Center and that';s over an hour's drive away, but a buddy of mine says it's amazing.
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Look at the rrp vs. what they're selling it for.

They have to have 60% off for a reason.
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You know I may sound idiotic, but I'd go for a Vox AC30. It's a combo amp but damn it's tone is so perfect.
I appreciate everyone offering their suggestions. But everyone has different opinions.

If you do want to give a recomendation here are some things I'll be unbending on with my next amp...

1: It's going to be a stack...I'm done with combos
2: It has to be $500 or lower
3: Please no name brands like Marshall Peavy or Vox...I have nothing but respect for them but I've heard to many people say that until you're paying in the thousands they aren't very good at all. Doubly so with stacks


No I'm not in a band at the moment but I will be soon.

and I like to play mainly rock and metal (Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, etc) but am open to any style of music
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why are you done with combos? 0-0?

plenty of amazing sounding combos that are under $500
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This is good choice, but it isn't for everyone. I highly recommend you try it out (and crank it) before you buy it.

If you are willing to push your budget up to about $1000, check out a Carvin V3 combo.


Also check out the Randall RG50TC. They go for about $400 - $500, and have graet tones for the price. Get it quickly though, they are about to get discontinued.
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Alright, point taken. I guess I'm a being a little close minded. But the money issue going to be very hard to bend on considering I'm unemployed right now and the onlly job it looks like I'll be getting for now is working in the fields for Big Brother

Let me start this over than with the criteria I want...

1: At the most I'll be having $500...I know it isn't much to be looking for a good amp but...it's all I'm going to have.

2: I'm looking for something atleast 75 watts. If I'm playing Live I don't want to be overpowered by drunken chatter and my drummer.

3: While I was close minded with brands before there is one that I won't bend on...Line 6. My Spider III has convinced never to even look at one of thier amps ever again, period.

4: Pedal input jacks are a must (I've learned that Amp presets are fine and all...until you have to switch effects in the middle of a song )
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^ +1. The Vypyr tube is probably the best amp you can get in your price range. Keep in mind you'll need the Sanpera footswitch to access your presets and switch channels, which will run you another hundred bucks brand new. You can get them for much cheaper used, though.

By the way, there is pretty much no difference between 60 watts and 75 watts, especially with tube amps.

As far as Line 6 goes: you don't hate Marshall for the MG series. Why hate Line 6 for the Spiders? The Flextone and Vetta are great amps from Line 6.
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jca50 combo.
also you don't need 75 watts to be heard over a drummer or drunken chatter.
Also maybe next time read the thing called the amp faq that's sticked on this board.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
You don't need 75watts, 30 will be enough for most gigs, untill you get to bigger venues, where you will be miced up anyway.

You can't get a good head and cab for $500.

Arn't those Bugera amps pretty cheap in America?

Marshall and Peavey are two of the best companys for the styles of music you play, so definatly don't rule them out.

It's probably worth sticking with your Line6 for a while, whilst you save more money.

The vypr tube is a good suggestion though.
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You need to do a little more research before you start setting up ultimatums like that. Don't screw your self out of ignorance.

1) +1 to everyone that said combos. Chuckles knows what he's talking about. There is NO reason to get a half stack at that price range other than looks.

2) Line 6 has some decent modelling gear. I would actually take a look at their flextone series if I were you.

3) Tube amps are going to be a lot louder than SS wattage. A 30 watt would definitely be heard over bar chatter.

Check out the following:

Peavey Ultra or Ultra plus combo
Peavey 5150/6505 combo
Peave XXX combo (you MAY be able to find one in this range)
Marshall JCM900
You can get a booger head for about $500, And the booger cab is $250, although used would prolly be a better option.
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