I know a lot of reputable metal bands use deans, and they advertise the shit out of them for it. But are they really that good? I hear jacksons are way better, and even the expensive b.c. riches (although not the cheap ones, because those are just made to scam dumbasses who think that 'cool looking' guitars sound cool too)
Good is subjective. Yes, there are quality Dean guitars, and yes, there are very poor Dean guitars. Go out and play a few, then make a judgment.
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I've tried many a Dean and found the only ones that truly kicked ass were a '79 reproduction V that was already sold and a Razorback that cost 1200$. I keep looking for that same V but I can't find it anywhere. The only jackson I've ever found to be excellent was around 1800-2000$. I've always found even the good B.C riches to be muddy, even with EMG's and a treble spiked amp.
Deans just generally have a raw, gritty tone that bands like Megadeth, Pantera, and Nile use to their advantage. With any guitar though, you get what you pay for.
Hell yeah, i've got a Dean Dimebag Razorback Explosion and it has the perfect spec for my taste. i'm a big Pantera, Machine Head and Trivium fan so the Seymore Duncan Dimebucker is perfect for my tastes and the whole guitar is built to last.

Definatly stands upto some of the best guitars i've ever played.
Depends on the model, really.

The AT3000 is a pretty high quality Dean guitar. There's a new Razorback that's a fairly good value, as well. But the lower end models can be pretty sketchy (I guess, I've never encountered one that was unplayable).

Try a couple out.
A friend of mine owns one and I played it once and it sounded awesome. I do not know the model but I think it was worth no more 500$ so in my opinion they are pretty good guitars
I don't think so. Even if you manage to find a good, high end Dean, there'll be a grip of other companies who make far better guitars for the same price.
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if u want a dime tone i reccomend getting a schecter with mahogany body/neck like the hellraiser (im saying that because it has mahogany neck too), and swapping it out for a bill lawrence l-500xl (thats wat dime used, even after dimebucker) and a 59 in the neck, then you get an OFR and the legit pickups he used, while having better wood quality, and still being about the same or little more/less
Well, for the most part I like em. Ive played some of the cheaper ones that i didnt quite dig, but for the most part, I like em. Heck, I'm buying a Zero once my local shop gets one.
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The answer is no. Dean are primarily cheap and entry level guitars. The higher end ones don't stack up to the competition in their price range either.
Dean's U.S.A.-made Hardtail and Soltero guitars are very good. I can't speak for the rest of the line, though. They do seem to focus on some very low-quality entry-level instruments.
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the VMNT's are off there tits man.... love them, but i can't afford it, such a sweet tone and great feel.
From what i have read, only high end Deans are worth considering.

Only the razorback and the VMNTs have good reputation so far...
The Dime models are so overpriced. Shit wood, unreliable own brand trems, unusable neck pickups, all in all horrible guitars. Note that I'm talking about the the non USA ones, the USA Dime's are way overpriced anyway.
Dean 79's and USA Solteros are good but I'd still pick a DBZ over a Dean anyday.
I love Deans, personally. My MLX plays great for metal and classic rock, and it sure beats the hell out of all the Epis I've played(some of whom were as much as $250 more...). The pickups that come in the X, XP(not sure what the difference between an X and an XP is, the XPs come in burgundy and navy blue and the Xes come in Cherry Sunburst, but other than that I've no idea what differentiates them...) and '79 Series Deans are pretty trebly, so you might wanna try before you buy(as you should anyways), but I love them. Mind you, a lot of the Razorbacks are supposed to be really overpriced, and that gets them a really bad rep, but judging from the Deans I've played(MLX, VX, Rust In Peace VMNT and'79 V), they're great metal guitars, and they're not as heavy as they look, which I also like. =P
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the 79 models are awesome

im also fond of the Razorbacks

i dont see why everybody hates Dean

i know alot of great musicians who use them