Heys guys, this is my first post. I have a Fender Highway one strat hss and I love it. Problem is that the humbucker in the bridge tends to have a 60 cycle hum problem. Granted its not as noticible as the hum in the single coils but it still is there. The only true quiet pickup position is the neck and middles combined. Your help is Appreciated.
You might have a ground problem. Have a tech open it up and perform a check.
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That's what i was figuring...one thing i forgot to mention is that it only seems to happen on much smaller amps, like practice ones. I plugged it into a peavey 100 watt satriani head and even with high gain it was completely noiseless. But on a smaller ss amp like a line six spider high gain channel and it homes like crazy. I have to use the noise gate on it. assumed it had to do with the high output atomic humbucker. I'm well aware that spider's aren't that good. I plan on upgrading to a fender hot rod deluxe soon. But i'm rather curious why it only happens on certain amps.