Hello guys! im new here!

I have Ibanez RG2EX and im looking to switching the pickups, ive been thinking about Dimarzio X2N but since i dont know the technical stuff about guitars i thought id as you guys, can my guitar even handle that kind of pick ups? Here is the link to the guitar http://www.guitarcenter.com/Ibanez-RG2EX1-Electric-Guitar-103382115-i1167867.gc

Please tell me if i should stick with those and have the replaced or what pickups i should go for, i have about $100 to spend
Wrong forum bro. Take it to GG&A, you'll get better help there.
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no reason you guitar couldn't "handle" it
I've herd that the X2N has quite the propensity to get a really muddy tone though
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