It sounds to me like you aren't singing from your diaphragm. I could be wrong since I'm a newbie, but eh. :P

The last half sounds really good. The first half has more of a singing from the throat quality.
Stop singing like that.

In all seriousness. Don't try and mimic singers in this way. Just sing the way your voice permits. Make your own sound.

Also, you need a slight guitar tuning.

Other than that, good job.
Goes without saying it didn't sound like the original. Please, for your sake, do not sing like that anymore. You are not Tim Armstrong. Unless you are the biggest punk on the planet and you don't give a flying **** what other people think of you, or what your voice sounds like (such as Tim Armstrong, or Lars Fredricksen, in which case this advice won't make an ounce of difference) just sing with whatever voice comes naturally to you. I don't want to be harsh to disparage you, I just want to help you in a way that someone helped me when all I wanted to do was sing exactly like Chris Cornell all the time. Your voice is not suited for this, and it sounds awkward. You probably have a very good voice in there; stop letting your Tim Armstrong impression ruin it.
You must also be singing very quietly - the mic hardly picks you up at 1:25 when you accidentially sing to your hand. Some notes are also flat.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.