Typing as I listen. I liked the intro, interesting chords. The singing sounds good too. I totally didn't expect that change in the middle of that song, it was cool, but I think it went on for a bit too long before it went back into the song.

The only thing I thing I didnt like was the synth like a minute into the song. Other than that I enjoyed it.

Hi, I've been lurking these forums for awhile, thought this guy could use another critique, so I made an account.

I like the synth bass part. Some parts in the song sound a little off rhythm, especially that riff that sounds like it goes down a scale, I think it's repeated twice in the song, actually I think that's the only part, their might be a part in the drum part that sounds off, but I need to listen to it again. Most of the drum part was really good and funny, I wish the 2:30 to 2:33 was longer, but the drum part could be drained of some filler parts. Otherwise it's an darn good track. Great outro.

Make sure to save me a C4C, thanks pal.