This is a WAY edited re-post of a question I got way too wordy and pretentious with.

I need a distortion pedal to drive a Vox AC4TV. I already have a DS-1 I'll be tinkering with for a while (Keeley, Melanheads, Fat mods), and plan on getting a BYOC OD2 to cover the rest of my tubescreamer needs (switchable between most of the common variations).

I am definately building a boost pedal to work with the amp distortion as well. Leaning towards an EHX LPB-1 clone, and will probably try and Alembix StratoBlaster or Dallas Rangemaster clone.

What pedals (kits preferred, or common pedals with kit options) would you recommend to supplement a (couple) of tubescreamer style distortions and amp/amp+boost distortion.

Options I'm considering (other ideas welcome):

MXR Distortion+/DOD 250/Ross - can be covered in one kit, pretty mild distortion, may go well in front of the amp but I haven't come across an impressive sample.

ProCo RAT Style - BYOC Mouse and GGG Rodent look cool. The BYOC looks like it should cover every variation imaginable.

GGG WHRL (Way Huge Red Llama) - Looks like a cool mix of distortion and fuzz.

Boost pedal - stick with a DS-1 and a boost pedal (planning on building an LBP-1 clone regardless) and use the amp distortion.

I'm looking to spend less than $100, planning on getting an additional fuzz pedal or two, so I don't want to overlap with my DS-1 mod (tubescreamer style) or fuzz pedals.

This is for live use, and I usually only use one distortion per song, so if I need to twiddle some knobs to get different sounds that is totally fine.

First Try (WARNING: wordy and lame):

If you have any further questions and some time on your hands click the link and you'll get my full setup, ideas, band I'm playing with, etc, etc etc, ad nauseum.
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