I'm a left handed person who switched to right handed to play guitar and lately I've been noticing that my left hand is leaving my right hand in the dust when it comes to doing things at a faster tempo. I was curious, and tried alternate picking just one open string (just to see how fast I could get) with my right, and then my left, and found that my left hand alternate picking was almost twice as fast as my right handed alternate picking. Any suggestions on what I can do to improve my right handed picking speed? Is this a natural problem with leftys who play right handed, and can it be overcome?
I imagine if you just work at it and practice properly (without developing any bad habits) you should be able to get the right hand up to speed. It's like any muscle in the body, if it gets used more, it will become stronger. Your left hand has obviously been getting more use. (inb4 fap joke)
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