Not sure if this belongs in the car thread. If it does, I'll delete this thread and move it there.

Anyway, within probably 6 months, I'll probably be buying my first car. I've been considering a Toyota Celica, a Saturn SC2, or a Saturn Ion coupe (if I can find one that I can afford). I need to be able to fit my 4x12 cab into the car. I was considering buying a truck, but I have to drive about 125 miles a week, and I just couldn't afford paying for the gas. I'd like to be able to get a compact car with good gas mileage, but at this point, it's pretty much a must that I can move my cab around. Will I be able to fit the 4x12 into any of those?

Cab dimensions are: 29.75" W x 31.875" H x 14.25" D

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I can fit my Fender 412sl in my Toyota Corolla '82..
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That would rather depend on the dimensions of your cab, wouldn't it?

It would... sorry I forgot to include the dimensions in the OP. I'll edit them in.
With those Dimensions, I think it would fit in my VW Polo if I put the backseat down.
A Polo is not a big car.

But the cars you mentioned in your post are more the coupé kind of cars, which tend to have small boots. A hatchback on the other hand often has a removable boot cover and back seat that can be put flat, increasing your boot space to the size of the universe.

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I doubt anyone, including the car thread, is going to know the exact dimensions of a celica trunk. Either way, my bass amp, which is around 22"x20"x14" fits fine in the trunk of my Mazda 3. I'd imagine another 8 inches in height and width would fit. If anything, there's the back seat

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I can fit a marshall 4x12 in the boot of my dads mondeo. I haven't tried it in my Clio yet, but i could do it by putting down the seats.

I wanna get a towing licence so that if I do a lot more band stuff, I can get a small trailer.