I just recently bought a bass, for $250 off a friend, because I needed something to play for the school band and all, but when I got home, I went to tune it, and the D string just stops at B and the tuning peg won't move any further. Are there any suggestions on what's causing this or how to fix it?
it usually is caused in the tuning system at the top of the guitar - there's the key you turn which turn a small rod which looks like a spiral, and it turns a cog that pulls the string.
sometimes one of the cog's tooth are worn out or break, and then the spiral rod is just not touching it anymore and thus it won't go up.

just buy a new piece that fits or send it to get fixed, its kind of a minor problem, and easily fixable.

for better understanding:
Trying to fix a tuning gear isn't worth it. Buy a replacement or better yet, replace all of them. You can get excellent tuners for a bass (the Hipshot in particular) for a reasonable price.
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could you post a pic of the tuner in question?
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