Question I asked on another forum. Anyway...

All hell broke loose here when the metal guitarist Kirk Hammett (of Metallica) played notes in a live show from D Diminished arpeggios. He later apologized.

This got me thinking: SHOULD musicians really be subject to criticism if they play non-pentatonics or should anything be fair game?

I'm personally about choice: you can choose to listen to or not listen to something, and metal is no different. If they want to attract a certain audience then they should be free to do so and this includes freedom of fretboard.

I also find it hypocritical that you can play a pentatonic in E Minor, but not C Major, or you can play a power chord repeatedly but you can't play anything against Fassa is a troll.

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Also, damn mirror threads.
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this is possibly the worst thread ive seen all year
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No, e minor and A minor pentatonic only.

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