Not sure where to put this... but has any traditional "band" ever attempted to perform this piece by Krzysztof Penderecki?

There was a comment in a YouTube video of the song and I was wondering if anyone had ever heard of this idea ever coming to fruition as if were done with more more modern instruments it was be one of the most epic things ever conceived.
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I don't think it is really feasible. The music is really specific to an stringed instruments and there are many strange directions.

Here's something from Wikipedia:

The piece's unorthodox, largely symbol-based score sometimes directs the musicians to play at various unspecific points in their range or to concentrate on certain textural effects; they are directed to play on the opposite side of the bridge or to slap the body of the instrument. Penderecki sought to heighten the effects of traditional chromaticism by using "hypertonality"—composing in quarter tones—which sometimes makes dissonance more prominent than it would be in traditional tonality. The piece includes an "invisible canon," in 36 voices, an overall musical texture that is more important than the individual notes, making it a leading example of sound mass composition.

It also uses quarter tones, witch can't be played by a traditional "band."
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