thats cool
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It's pretty cool, but the lead guitar sounds like a midi instrument. Now, I have no idea how you recorded this, so it's either a real guitar made to sound like a midi instrument which has worked, or a midi instrument which doesn't sound real: If it's the latter, I'd suggest humanising it by playing with the note velocities and slightly altering the timing to make it sound less robotic. Either way, it could do with some (more?) reverb.
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Nah it's a real guitar haha.
I've tried adding reverb aswell and limiting its frequencies but it just muddies up the snare and the overall track.
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woah when the lead guitar comes in I was blown away. I think you should make this into a whole song, this part being the middle. It was pretty cool at first i was sorta curious about it but then I heard the lead guitar and I was impressed, though I must agree the lead guitar sounds like it came outta guitar pro :P. Good job anyways man!

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The clip is just a clip to show my stuff to clients
so just wanted to see if it was worth actually having on my page

also: there's still vocals to be added so i'll repost when they're up
and yes i'll crit your song haha
If the guitar's clashing with the snare, try giving the snare a peak freq. on its own somewhere - maybe around 1k-3k (see how it sounds) and keep the guitar away from it - for lead parts, you can cut it around the snare and emphasise everything higher. You can restore some bass in the reverb by pulling down the high cut if your reverb unit has it, or chaining another EQ to it and cutting the high stuff out that way
Melody bit at 0:11 way too quiet, otherwise I liked the ideas.