I am playing the bass for almost 2 years but my amp isnt that great. I'm gonna buy a new one but I have no idea wich one i should get. I have a GSR ibanez that i got with a starter pack. I really need some help with this cauze i dont really know much about it.
markbass, orange, ampeg....those are good. don't get like a behringer or acoustic.
If it's creative, true to your musical goal, and it sounds good, put it in the song.

1. Guitar, delay, verb, amp, and creativity.
2. Well-tuned acoustic piano and creativity.
3. A bottle of water.
I like my Hartke HA3500 4x10 combo.
But what do you play, ect. ect.
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How much are you looking to spend? Are you gigging, jamming with friends or just playing around at home? What genre/s of music do you play? Location?
I play rock and i like slap, a bit RHCP style. Its for playing with my friends and just for home to practice. Maybe for a small gig in the future. My budget is 300 euro's but if i want I can put a bit to it to get like 350. I have a beginners bass but i like it and it plays good.