I'm looking to dive into the rack world now, and i'm looking for a decent priced power amp.

I was looking at the rocktron elocity 100 or 120, and a Marshall Valvestate 8008 at first.
Does anyone have any experience with these amps?
Does anyone have any tips about other amps i sould check into?

I did look at the mesa boogie 20/20 and the marshall EL84 20/20, but they are a bit out of the imidiate price range.
I could get hold of a used EL84 tho, and i'm wondering if shelling out the extra cash would be worth it for this unit.

for reference:
I play metal (think lamb of god)
i use a jackson with bare Knuckle nailbombs in it, and the preamp is a Rocktron Piranah
My band:

keep a lookout for a used peavey classic 50/50. EL84 powerd 50watts/side (obviously)

great poweramp IMO and super reliable. cheap too.

oh, and make sure you put some good quality 12ax7's in the rocktron, its worth it.