Thanks for critting my song dude. I listened to your online songs cover, and while I pretty much despise blink-182 I think you nailed the sound. The guitar was very clean and sounded like it had been practiced very well. Good job dude!

P.S. When you said that I could have gotten a better microphone, were you talking about for vocals, or for the piano?

Umm, wow, that was utterly fantastic.

Thanks for checking out mine and I'm glad I got to check out yours.
I'm sorry I don't have much to say other than everything sounded perfect.
acoustic guitar/piano/lead vocals/harmonizing vocals; they were all spot on.

Especially the harmonizing, that was just a awesome touch.

Dude, great job.

If I may ask, what did you use to record?
I loved this! Harmonies sounded awesome and the chord voicings you used were really pretty and stuff. Your voice really started to grow on me and it sort of reminded me of Mark Hoppus in a way. Good job! Give me and my friends cover of Tik Tok by Kesha a good critiqueing if you dont mind.
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