I just got meself a new guitar and have no need for my starter guitar, a Fender Starcaster. I want to do a customization on it for fun, but I'm not sure what to do. Ideas and how to do them.
i would smash it at a show or something
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hmm i wouldnt say a fender strat is a beginer guitar, seriously...
however if i was you i'd go for new pots and all electronics... instal a sustainer in or something.. jsut experiment with the configuration
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It's a starcaster not a stratocaster, that one almost caught me out too.


I've got a starcaster, too. You could always scrap it, build your own body, use its electronics, etc...
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I used my starcaster neck on the stop sign guitar, but my neck was really nice
So see how much you like yours.

But you can strip it down to bare wood, stain it, upgrade hardware and electronics. Rock out.

How crazy are you looking to go? You could do like a monkey grip if you wanted
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