Hey guys, I'm in the market for a Hollowbody.
I'm looking for something around $400-$600
I'm leaning twords an Ibanez Artcore AF75TDGIV Semi- Hollow.
I play mainly Reggae/Ska, but I do play anything from Country to Metal.
Is this a good guitar for the money, or can I do better?

Your opinions are very much appreciated.
My experience with the Artcores is pretty favorable. I have an AXD82P-DVS, and my dad owns one of the other models (I forget what model, looks like the one you listed but without the vibrato). Both guitars play better than one would expect from a relatively cheap Ibanez.
Artcore looks great, I've always liked the Epiphone Casino too. Or you could buy a vintage archtop and add some pick ups...
I have an Ibanez AF95 hollowbody and it is a fine guitar. It would be a great choice for any number of musical styles.
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