Am considering buying a Jackson (either wrxt or wrmg) but was wondering how the neck compares to ibanez grg model? (Thicker, Thinner, Easier/Harder to shred).

Also is the mg worth the extra 100£ to the xt?
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I have an Ibanez GRG and I used to have a Jackson RR3. The Jackson neck is thicker and it's hadrer to shred on it, but I feel it more comfortable.
The RG necks are really thin and fast...some people love them, some hate them. I've never played the GRG, but I've owned 5 or 6 RGs in the past. I've only played those jackson models a couple times, their necks are on the thinner side compared to other guitars, but the RG neck will still be thinner.

Also, theres quite a price difference between those jacksons and the GRG Ibanez series...maybe you should look into the RG series.
hey dude, well i own a Jackson Wrmg and i personal love the neck on it, and i also own a ibanez RG350ex, and the neck is fatter and wider, its ok but i deffo prefer the jackson.

however, i am actually selling my Jackson WRMG, just because i want something with a hard tail. PM if your interested.