I (as professionally as I could) recorded a friend playing on a grand piano in a church. She said that she could do this song in her sleep, so I figured it would be the perfect song to record. It's already recorded, but I wanted to see what thoughts you guys had on making in better in any way as far as what I can still do with the file (Either garageband or .mp3). The song is in my profile. Thanks for listening.
beautifull, also if i had to make a critic i would say that you put too much effects in her voice (reverb, delay?). She's actually singing very well, i dont think you have to make up her voice that hard.
This already sounds pretty honkin good man, i dunno if there's much you can do to get it better except get a better microphone for next time! The piano sounds like it could come up a little bit but other than that, awesome song!!

PS, if you have time, id LOVE if you could crit my cover. (Blink 182, online songs)
Both, really. (mics)

It already sounds better than 99.9999% of the stuff you hear on UG, but i'm just saying if you're trying to shoot the ****in' moon and haul ass, that's how you'd do it, in my opinion.
thanks for critting my song man!