Shuffle songs, how many skips does it take to find a song you want to listen to?

I am the type of person who shuffles through my songs for about five minutes until I can get a song I want to and am in the mood to listen to.

So just shuffle through your music, and post how many songs you had to skip through to get one you wanted to listen to, I'l go first:

It took me 9 songs to get to one I wanted to listen too
The song: Iron Maiden - Phantom of the Opera
I was careful when I got this laptop a month or so ago that I only put on the music that I REALLY wanted. So I want to listen to anything I've got on.
first song that played was one I wanted to listen to

I have quite a wide variety of music though, so sometimes theres days when I flip through 15 songs before finding something I'm in the mood for
hmm, well i gave it a try, and this is the first time i didn't have to go through 20 songs in my itunes before finding something, second song, even now: lady antebellum, next song about a girl: nirvana, next i'll follow the sun: the beatles. so idk....
2-3 songs usually and I also have no clue what I'm listening to most of the time
I let you get away so cleanly.
I'm surprised by your results, I'l give it another go

2 songs
Van Halen - Panama
Too fucking many

I have shitloads of songs from bands I just don't listen to anymore but I just can't bring myself to delete them and I have no idea why.

Took me 5 clicks to get to "Ten speed (Of gods blood and burial)" by Coheed.
I never use shuffle, because I share my Ipod with my sister and she listens to alot of stuff I don't like.
4 clicks to get Rise Against - Swing Life away. But it usually takes me forever, especially when I'm working out and want something specific to listen to without actually having to choose.
Two skips.

1. Rage Against the Machine - Take the Power Back
2. More Than Life - Never Ender
3. Akercocke - Summon the Antichrist

*frantic blastbeating*
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I was listening to Goodbye to Romance, which I liked.

Skipped ahead to Anthem of Our Dying Day which I also like, then to Here for a Good Time, Music, and The Kids Aren't Alright.

All songs I want to and feel like listening to. Playlists ftw
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11 - Informal Gluttony by BTBAM, but I went back and listened from the start of the album because shuffle sucks.


avenged sevenfold - waking the fallen
dream theater - sacrificed sons
coheed and cambria - the willing well III: Apollo II: the telling truth (live at neverender)
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