I have changed my acoustic guitar strings a few times. Most of the time I change them because they broke either when I was bending/strumming or it just suddenly broke in the middle of the night.

So for all the time when I change the strings, I always find that the G, B and high E strings are very very tight. It is like whenever I put on the strings and tune it a little until it just could make some ring, it is at F or F#. And I have to tune it all the way to the next G! Sometimes it could be at G but the pitch is just too low. So I still have to tune up close to an octauve. Same thing for the B and high E strings. And because I tune it one octauve up, during the tune, I could hear the tight sound from the string. I can also feel the tension of the strings are very strong and it is quite hard to press too. The low E, A and D strings are also tight to be in tune but are not as tight as the G, B and high E strings. Although it hasn't broken before whenever I do this, is this normal?
Wait, you're wondering why those strings are mega tight/keep breaking, when you've got them tuned an octave up from normal (right)?

Something's up with your guitar if the strings are too loose at normal pitch. Or you're using the wrong gauge of strings (though i'm no expert at the normal string gauge of acoustics, so my attempts at knowledge end here).
I tuned it up an octave because if I don't the pitch is too low and don't match the top E, A and D strings.

It doesn't break when I do that althought the G, B and E strings are super ultra mega tight and it looks like it would. I don't know if it broke because of its mega-tightness or it just happen to break over time. But that tightness just makes me wonder if I am doing it correctly or it is just normal to be this way. I have recently changed my strings from Custom Light to Light as it is slightly thicker but it still appear to be damn tight.