Which brand strings do you use and why? I'm curious to see if anyone has used rotosounds before. I'm using Boomer's atm, 09-46 for E standard / drop D
for my electric i use: D'Addario Regular Light Gauge (10 - 46)
and for my acoustic i use: Ernie Ball Earthwood Medium Lights (12-54)
i play mostly in drop D and E Standard
I have tried every brand of strings i could find and i keep coming back to dadderio or dunlop wich are both equally good in my opinion , though the dunlops feel a little silkier
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btw i hear people say how "bright" strings are. what does this actually mean? should i be looking for bright strings if im going for a thrash metal tone? noob question but would be nice if i'm in the know
Rotosound makes fine strings, but they are best known for their electric bass strings. This is understandable since they invented the roundwound bass string. Their guitar strings aren't as popular as a lot of other brands only because they usually cost more.

I don't know that any guitar strings or brands are noticeably brighter than others. They're all pretty bright when they're new, unless you get flatwounds and most people never do. I doubt that there is any string that is specifically suited for thrash metal. Just stick with a name-brand string and you'll be fine.
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Ernie balls or Dunlops.

dunlops, eb's break too easy and dont last long
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Esp Ltd KH-603, Schecter c-1+ and Epiphone Les Pauls
Carvin amps, Sperzel Trim-Lok, Emg active pickups only, Tonepros bridges.
DR 11s (pure blues) on my LP and Rotosound 10s on my Godin. They're pretty decent strings. The DRs are awesome, though.
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I use D'Addario 11-49s. I play in standard, e-flat, drop d, drop c#. Works fine for all those tunings.

I find that Earnie Balls get really dirty really quickly and break easier.
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I use Fender Bullet 009-040 the most often, as I use the tremelo bar on vintage vibratos, and they seem to be the most tuning stable, mostly due to that Ball end not rolling around in the inertia block(Strat)/tail-bar (Mustang/Jaguar).

For everything else I use Earnie Ball 009-046, and that's the brand I've stuck with for the longest time, and I have the least string breakage with those with my heavy handed whammy bar use.
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I use DR Black Beauties on my ltd because they last a long time(which is good cause stringing a floyd every 2 weeks is a pain.) They also look sick as hell on my guitar
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I've used them all and I find Ernie Balls Heavy bottoms are the best for dropping. I even use them over DRs new drop tune strings.
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I'm using D'Addario EXL115s (11-49) on my Strat. I play in standard, Drop D, Eb, Drop C#, Drop C, and on some occasions D Standard, Drop B, and Drop A#. Does all those tunings fine, plus the colored knobs on the ends make it extremely helpful to know which string goes where when restringing.
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For some reason I really like D'addario XL regular light, even though there are more expensive and better options out there.
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I've been trying Rotosounds on my LP for the last 2 months. I'm really liking them so far. Not as much as Thomastiks but they're great.
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I use rotosound 10s on all my guitars and love them. Their HQ/factory is also in my town about a 5 minute walk from my house.
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