Know any good, accurate, and easy tabs that are worth learning? I can play Beat it, Kryptonite, Scooby-Doo, Amazing Grace, Sweet Home Alabama, My name is Kj-52, and Old McDonald...
theres tons of easy theme song tabs on here...but as far as songs so you cant go wrong with greenday or nirvana, easy to play and everybody knows it
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The Beatles, some songs just use the same chords over and over again.
AC/DC, for instance ''Are You Ready?'' and ''Highway To Hell''.

And if you like that kind of stuff (i know i don't)
you can try stuff like Green Day and Fall Out Boy.
If you're more into Metal you could try ''Enter Sandman'' Or stuff the like ''Master Of Puppets'',''One'' or ''Nothing Else Matters'' intro.
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Thanks but I'm not really into AC/DC.....I prefer Rock, Classical Rock, and Christian! Thanks though. I appreciate it!
Dubb: I Just looked it up and it's chords...not tab.
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Juliana Theory - there not really a christian band, but are at Cornerstone festival alot so.....

Sublime - zimbabwe, badfish, eye of fatima, big salty tears,