im thinking of getting the marshall VS100R what is everyones thoughts ??
i used one a couple of weeks ago going through my BOSS ME70 and it sounded good

im after an amp that will give me a classic rock/metal tone
like bands such as thin lizzy and iron maiden whilst going through the ME70

i only have a budget of around £300 and i only have a moddeling amp at the moment so i thought this would be a good buy ??
its only £100
it's an alright amp especially for £100 they seem to do that classic rock/metal tone
im sure theres better alternatives but its not a bad buy
i actually have this amp well the vs100r 2 its a good amp and 100 buck is about the right price well its what im selling mine for but check if it has the clean and overdrive pedal with it and the original cover as the pedals are hard to find now and the cover just looks good and keeps it nice and clean