It didn't really seem to go anywhere; it wasn't bad, just not that interesting. The drums are also way too prominent in the mix upon first listen.
I agree with Echohead, there wasn't really a riff that grabbed my attention or stood out to me. Sounded just kind of like a jam and improve kind of thing. But, nonetheless, the playing isn't bad. Also if you could take a listen to the song in my profile I'd appreciate it (I know the guitar and drums aren't synced well, I was just dicking around with the riffs).
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Thanks guys, I'll try and come up with a little something different. My biggest problem is I dont have the ability to sit back after I make one of these and be biased with myself, I guess that's why I need fresh ears.

It started out as more of a jam (good call) but I broke it down and re-organized it, I thought, and put it back together. I'll take a look and see if I can go at it from a different approach.

metalhead, I thought your riffs were good, as they stood, I am guilty of repetitiveness as well but i think if you broke it down and add something more to it, you could have a really cool song there brother. Sync it up add a bass, I can hear a bad ass song in there.

thanks again guys...