I have an ovation celebrity, and it was my first guitar. I got it about 6 years ago, and only now am I starting to learn about proper guitar maintenance and all that stuff. Anyways... the action on this guitar is REALLY high, like ridiculously high, and I have never gotten it set up before. I'm just wondering that if I get it set up, and I get them to lower the action significantly, will this result in warping of my guitar? Because like I said above, it has been at this action for 6 years, and I don't know if it's a good idea or not to change the tension significantly after that much time?

Thanks alot
if your worried about that, unstring it and change the action, but if you only change it a little bit I suggest you try stretching your strings a bit before doing it. It shouldnt be too much of a prob
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Eh, Theres really no harm in lowering it, but if you decide to the effects are irreversible. With acoustic guitars you have to take the bridge saddle on and file it down where the string go, and it could be challenging to file them all evenly. So you should be careful, and possibly seek the help of a guitar professional if the guitar has sentimental value, which im assuming it does.

As for your neck, it should be fine.
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The neck will not warp.

It sounds like you aren't sure of what you are doing, so take it into a shop and it'll be fine. A guitar tech should be able to do it without any problems.
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Captivate is correct. Many guitars, even high-end ones, are shipped with rather high actions.
It's assumed that the player will have the action adjusted to what they like.
Since the manufacturer can't possibly know what each customer likes, they go with a higher action that's easily adjusted.
Set-ups are not "irreversible"; you just have to know what you're doing. If the saddle is taken down too much, you replace it or shim it. If the nut is taken down too far, you replace it or fill in the too-deep slots by various means.

Tell your repairman how you play; a proper set up for delicate fingerpicking might well buzz if you hand it to a powerful strummer.
To my knowledge, adjusting the action shouldn't change the tension on the guitar...just make the strings lower to the fretboard. Like Cap said, take it to a shop. It shouldn't cost loads to do, and they'll be able to do it no problem.
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If you want to do it yourslef and are worried about stuffing it up don't touch your original saddle. Buy a bone blank for $5 and mess around with that - it is very easy to shape with sandpaper and if you aren't happy with the results then just put your old one back. I was very surprised at how easy it was when I did it