In all honesty I'm just curious, but if I did decide hey why not, lets get one. Then the budget would be up to $2000, unless its worth forking out more.
A marshall jcm 800-900, bugera 1990, or soldano with a tubescream in front
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Marshalls were what were most commonly used if I recall right, Randall sometimes, and I've heard of Carvins being used, Mesa Boogie came into play in those bands about mid-late 80's-ish. I'm sure there are some other amplifiers but those are the ones I've played 80's thrash through myself.

The reason I mention the VTM and 5150 is because those amps are capable, especially the VTM (which has ways of rearranging the circuitry using dip switches on the faceplate of the amp).

On a budget, a B-52 or Bugera 333/6262 series amp will get you there. I use a 333XL for thrash stuff from that era sometimes, usually on the lead or crunch channel, with some of the mids taken out.
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With 2K, I'd look into a Splawn, other than that you could check out a JCM800.
You cant go wrong with a 6505+/5150 II but with that much cash Id probably look at a nice Bogner or Engl
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