I have a Schecter Damien - while noodling away this afternoon, the output jack came loose, the nut coming loose. Now I can't get the screw and nut back on the jack - it doesn't seem to be screwing up. Any suggestions?

twist it in the other direction? lefty loosey righty tighty...
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unscrew the jack plate, hold the part under the jackplate between your index and middle finger and the jack plate with your thumb, and screw the nut back on. then tighten it with an apporpriately sized socket head thing... but do it by hand.
This ends now, eat the goddamn beans!
Thanks, I'm trying to unscrew the plate but my screw is too big - frig this! Annoying...
It's a common problem, but my girlfriend doesn't mind. Looks like I'm going have to take this sucker into the shop.