Alright, In a couple of weeks maybe months i am playing at a farewell send off type thing for a couple of graduates. I'll be playing with another guitarist (who plays a plethora of instruments) and a pianist. Both can sing, i can't. Anyways, i was wondering what songs would be in that mood of a bittersweet time. Cliche i know, but songs like that that are like the following...

"#41" - DMB
"Dreamgirl" - DMB
"Two Step" - DMB
"Outloud" - Dispatch
"Careful" - Guster
"Demons" - Guster
"Going Away to College" - Blink-182

Like those bands or themes of those songs...

time of you life - green day, very easy to play, and at my high school leavers thing, me and two other friends played this and it brought a few tears to peoples eyes.
I made a thread very much like this one only a week or so ago. I'm playing for my whole year tomorrow. I'm going to play Don't Look Back in Anger by Oasis.

It has a certain farewell vibe but not a very strong one, but I'm doing mostly cus everyone loves that song.

Time of Your Life by Green Day?