Hey all,

I have recently managed to get the above cab for a good price otherwise I would not have bought it, but,,,,,,,, I have noticed that most older heads that i have access to only seem to come in 8 ohm, like old selmer and WEM. How would I go about hooking the heads to the cab? The cab only gives 4 or 16 ohms switch and the heads are mono? Is there a rule that says 8 ohm head into 4 ohm speaker ok but 8 ohm head into 16 ohm speaker bad or vice versa?

Basically what shouldt I do?
put the 8 ohm head through the 16 ohm input on the cab. it will have a little less output than it should, but you probably won't notice unless the head is very low wattage and/or solid state.

edit - remeber: high into low won't go, but low into high will fly.
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