My batteries have run down a bit on my Ibanez RGA42T and since they're AA, I was wondering what brand name would be best to go for.

Would commercial batteries be alright? like Duracell ultra etc?
Or are there specific batteries recommended for active pickups?

I dunno, I've always have passive pickups in the past so I've got no experience here.


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Really? AA's? Not a 9v? Never heard of that.. but I've only ever used Engergizer/Duracell/stuff like that, and I don't think I've ever had a battery die on me, other than when I first got them and left the cable plugged into the guitar..
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any AA batteries will work Duracell or energizer probably going to last longer
its unusually that they use AA's but there easier to get hold of and cheaper so its actually pretty cool
Yeah I do, I've had it for like 5 months now, I know not to leave the lead in - read up about them before I bought a guitar with actives xD

And yeah, this model, and the ART models are the only actives I've seen with AA batteries rather than 9 volts, it's odd. Haha.

Thanks for the replies ^^