Sup guys,

I've been lurking around here for quite some time, admiring all the work and it's made me want to start on my first refinishing project. The guitar is my very first electric guitar, about 14 years old I think. I remember getting it, practicing a little bit, restringing it the first time after a few months, and I couldn't the tremolo to stay level, it kept coming up off the body. I was an impatient little douche of a kid so I zipped it up in it's gig bag never to be seen again. It's been sitting in my childhood closet for probably 13 years, with the tremolo still raised when I unzipped the bag, lol. I plugged it in and it doesn't play.

When I'm done with everything I'm going to try to get into working condition, and if I like it I might do some upgrades cause I would like to have a strat around since my other guitar has humbuckers. I suck at wiring in general so if anyone wants to recommend some prewired pickgaurds that are quality please do so. If I change out the pups I'd prolly want to change out everything so I'm thinking that's the way to go with maybe a pearloid pick gaurd, but we'll see. I'd also want to upgrade the tremolo or just block it in place if it's as unhelpful as it was 13 years ago. I'm not sure where'd I'd get a replacement for it though, cause it's the two point kind and I don't think it's very common how its set into the guitar.

I don't have any before pictures, should have taken one but forgot to. It's all sanded off now, and had a surprisingly pretty wood under the paint. I'm starting to think this guitar might be alittle bit nicer after going through it then I first thought, and was very happy to find that it actually had a 22 fret neck, though the frets are a little thin for my taste. It started off as black. (Some of the pictures came out good, some not so good)

Here's kind of the idea that my gf had been thinking about (she's much more artsy than me and lightly sketched it onto the guitar). The whitish spot is where I sanded a little bit through the filler. I'm going for an LSU guitar, purple with gold tiger stripes going through it. The penciled in marks will be gold and the bare wood will be purple.

Does anyone have any idea what kind of wood this is? My best guess is agathis but I haven't really been able to match the grain up to anything on the internet and I haven't really seen much bare wood guitar bodies in my life to compare it to. I would guess agathis since this was supposedly a fairly cheap starter guitar back in the day.

Here's the guitar after the first coat of paint. The yellow is a bit brighter in person.

Here's the guitar with the stripes taped in with painters tape. My gf cut the strips, put them on wax paper, then we placed them on how ever we liked.

Here's the guitar as it is now. Sprayed 2 coats of purple and it came out nice imo. This is before any clear. Right now it has a few coats of clear but I need some more and then I'll do all the sanding and buffing, which is the part that I'm worried about the most.

I'm planning on putting about 20 or so coats of clear and then wet sanding 600 then 1000 then 1500 with sandpaper I've soaked over night, avoiding alot of sanding on the edges. Then the plan is to buff it using a buffing attachment on my drill borrowed from my dad and some recommended 3m Buffing compound as per the refinishing thread. Anyone got any tips for me? I'd hate to screw anything up once I've gotten this far.
Update, my gf and I should be adding on a few extra layers of clear starting tomorrow and then again sunday or monday. I'm trying to follow the rules of three but I can't do it on that exact schedule. We both work crazy hours amongst planning a wedding and other stuff, the project takes a back seat.

Need some info though on if I'm doing this right. I've sanded down the headstock alittle bit, to get rid of the cort logo, and my gf is hand painting a LSU logo on the head stock. She's just spraying the paint out of the can for the body onto the lid and then dipping a paintbrush into it and then painting on to the headstock. After that I'm gonna tape up the fretboard and just throw some quick clear coates over it, fairly lightly for protection. Would this work or is there a better way?

As far as the body, the plan is to, after all the clear coats, wet sand with 600 then 1000 then 1200 or 1500 (I have those grits on hand), and then will use a buffer wheel attachment on my drill and buff it with the 3M Buffing Compound stuff mentioned in the refinishing thread. Would this get em that factory glassy finish I'm after? I plan on practising on some scrap wood just in case before I plunge in but I would like to know any tips or better ways before hand if anyone wants to help me.

Also, Still looking for a quality prewired pick gaurd with some good sounding pickups that I can put in this thing if it comes out good. Any suggestions would be helpful. I play alot of variety, but I want the typical strat sound out of it. Are those handwired GFS pickgaurds any good? With maybe the Boston Blues Pickups in it?